The Client: Viking VR Experience, Waterford City & County Council


The Challenge: Launch Campaign for a one of its kind VR Experience in the oldest Viking City of Ireland.


The Solution: The challenge of launching a VR Experience is that not all people know what VR is. So we needed to give people an idea of what they should expect - story telling through sensory fireworks. We took scenes from the experience and composed it into visually rich and vivacious theatrical posters to give people a glimpse into what they might experience when they put their headsets on.

Emirates Towers Winter Campaign (Left)

This campaign makes use of a drone view of the striking Emirates Tower on a cold December morning, while weaving in festive elements in a surreal manner, positioning the hotel as a destination that takes every festive celebration to new heights.


Madinat Jumeirah's Festive Campaign (Right)

This year’s festivities at MJ focus on evenings under the stars. We have created a ‘new galaxy’ by using the hotel as a constellation. The underlying message is that every

venue at the destination is a star in itself.

Madinat Jumeirah Winter Campaign (Left)

We are celebrating how Dubai offers the perfect winter - warm and welcoming. We are targeting tourists, who can escape the cold, gloomy winters of their countries and travel to the magnanomous Madinat Jumeirah, the City of Opulence.

Madinat Jumeirah Halloween Campaign (Right)

Time to boogie at Madinat Jumeirah.

What is the brand character?

Mexican, underground and mysterious.


What is the brand purpose?

It is always fiesta time!

The Challenge: Branding an all day dining bistro restaurant for Dusit D2 in Nairobi.


The Solution: The geometric shapes have been used  to represent the minimalistic look of the property.The shapes have been overlapped to show a common place of convergence. The branding and packaging are an extension of the modular form of the logo and the restaurant.

What is the brand character?

Quirky, opulent and eccentric.


What is the brand purpose?

All is not what it seems.

The Challenge: Creating festive brochures for 37 Dawson Street.

37 Dawson Street is an enchanting food and drink emporium heart of Dawson Street, one of Dublin’s busiest nightlife neighbourhoods.

Stepping inside, you will find an assembly of the wonderfully weird, from vintage paintings and posters to giant gargoyles and moose busts. This visual feast continues throughout the entire venue, with each corner revealing something new.

The Challenge: DTCM (Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing) have a bi-yearly event namely 'The Green Awards' to promote all hotels and tourist bodies to reduce, reuse & recycle.


What is the brand character?

Organic & green.

The Solution: Eco-friendly materials, water and sparks of light were used to illustrate iconic landmarks in Dubai to spell out a simple yet powerful message: Building a greener tomorrow. 

The Challenge: Summer campaign to draw people to the property in the slack summer months.


What is the brand purpose?

To attract people to Fairmont Bab Al Bahr for 'action packed family fun'.


The Solution: This campaign focuses on the summer offers that are avalable at Fairmont Bab al Bahr like complimentary access to Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World.

The Challenge: Borders Bookstore does monthly campaigns, where a theme is decided and then print ads are art directed including their products in some way or the other.


What is the brand character?

Fun, young & playful.


The Solution: Photo-manipulation has been used to create fantasy worlds to intrigue children. Every month, a new world is created, which they eagerly await to adventure into, thereby. making them loyal customers.

The Challenge: Ananta Bharat Nirman

is a Section 25, Non-Profit Program. It is a platform for Indians to address fundamental

problems this land is grappling with to

build tomorrow’s India.


What is the brand purpose?

The Goal is to take the message of National Unity, far and wide, creating a movement of humanity and unity , above and beyond religious divides and barriers. 10,00,000 people Pledge to “Indian” as their religion .

A 10 Point Pledge is signed by more than 10 Lakh people in support of the movement, that’s when the campaign is successful!


The Solution: “I am India”, the focal concept. The creative is a representation of an integrated and undivided India as whole. We have curated images of Indians and composed them into a mosaic. This paints a picture of unity even in diversity, where India becomes our identity, our faith and our religion.

The Challenge: Continental Tyres wanted to make its presence felt in the

Consumer (car owners) Segment.

What is the brand character?

Heroic and invincible.


The Solution: For the consumer segment, we positioned the wheel as 'The Legend' that can conquer any kind of road. The kiosk for this segment had special features like showing how the wheels ride on different terrains and heroic stories of people who use this tyre.

The Challenge: Continental Tyres wanted to make its presence felt in the

Commercial (truck drivers) Segment.

What is the brand character?

Cultural and emotional.


The Solution: For the commercial segment, since the target audience were truck drivers, we decided to draw an emotional connect by positioning the tyre as your best friend, your companion. The outdoor branding for this segment was done at dhabas on highways as this is the most common touchpoint for truck drivers.

The Challenge: Creating a campaign for the new school year using the Beam ethos - 'Lighting the way'.


The Solution: Using the Beam ethos - 'Lighting the way', we used different sayings & quotes about knowledge and created playful typographic compositions that would appeal to children and their parents alike.

The Challenge: Print & Digital campaign to attract metro travellers as well as office goers and residents around Huda to come to this haven of indulgence.


What does the brand do?

A conglomerate of restaurants, cafes

and food kiosks, Metropark is situated

in The Huda City Centre, 


The Solution: The campaign is driven

on the concept of "All roads lead to Munchisthan (Foodtown)". The Art direction is simple doodle style, making the food larger than life.

The Challenge: DMCA (Dubai Maritime City Authority) required a campaign to encourage marine vehicle owners to get their marine license.


The Solution: This concept draws inspiration from the suave and chic James Bond films. In each of the renditions the license-holders are seen exploring the thrills of the sea in style, It aims to encourage watercraft owners to get a licence, by using an exciting and sophisticated approach.

The Challenge: Creating a winter campaign for Dubai Tourism.


The Solution: We used the concept of Magical Arabian nights to create a rich and mystical look and feel for this campaign. We created a storybook effect for the images to reflect this look and feel.