The Challenge: Branding an all day dining bistro restaurant for Dusit D2 in Nairobi.


The Solution: The geometric shapes have been used  to represent the minimalistic look of the property.The shapes have been overlapped to show a common place of convergence. The branding and packaging are an extension of the modular form of the logo and the restaurant.

The Project: The aim of this audit is to examine the efficacy of the existing signs. Way finding and establishing a ‘sense of place’ are of primary concern. 

Further to the above prominent point of focus are:

  • Clarifying the brand architecture so that all the parts total into something greater.

  • Understanding the customer journey to increase their enjoyment – way finding and meandering.

  • Connecting the Viking Triangle to the city physically and emotionally.

The Challenge: Bajaj Finserv Lending one of the largest financial services company in India wanted to set up a rewards and recognition system for it's employees. 


The Solution: The cloud concept behind the system was thought of to be sports because it represents dynamism, strategy and teamwork, all of which are necessary for a company such as BFL to thrive.The Rewards & Recognitions system was further extended to make an Excelsior League for the top level management of BFL.

The Challenge: The client wanted branding and packaging for a luxurious jewellery boutique. Serendipity means 'happy chance' and it was used to capture the emotion of how one stumbles upon  treasure.


The Solution: The convergence of lines and choice of color in the logo depicts how in a universe full of chances, a serendipitous moment can occur which weaves opportunities into good fortune. When getting a piece of jewellery, one expereinces that moment. The brand is symbolic of that moment.

The Challenge: Branding a 2 storey fine dining restaurant for the elite society of U.A.E. The restaurant was to be constructed amongst nature and thereby branded and styled with a nature theme.


The Solution: The logo was designed with organic forms and natural colors. The materials used for the packaging, etc are earthy, natural and recyclable. The outer facade is made of glass and supported by white branch like forms and the lighting fixtures are falling from the ceiling like branches of a willow tree, thereby, making the restaurant's ambience fresh and light.

The Challenge: We were pooled in for the tableware design and interior styling of gourmet restaurant 'Atomic Burger'. The concept of the restaurant was 'Atomic Science'.


The Solution: The metallic red and grey lighting fixtures, the texture of the ground and the raw open ceiling gives the feel of a science lab, thereby, integrating the concept of the restaurant into the space design. 

The concept is even integrated into the tableware. Magnetic spheres that resemble atoms have been used as salt pepper holders, test tubes have been used as condiment holders and measurement flasks have been used for oils, vinegar, etc, 

The Challenge: Madinat Jumeirah was offering a new activity for its guest -Sunset Yoga and we were asked to designcoasters to promote the same.


The Solution: 

1. 'Back to Basics' coasters - 

The cubist style of illustration reflects the different yoga poses using basic geometric shapes.

2. 'Finger Twister' coasters - Flexibility is key when doing yoga. This concept uses the popular game,  Finger Twister to encourage people at the bars to talk about sunset yoga and get warmed up for a session of yoga.

The Challenge: Branding a Thai restaurant for Dusit D2 in Nairobi.


The Solution: This logo is inspired from Thai characters. The letters s, o and i have been combined to form what looks like a Thai alphabet. Soi means a side alley, the straight lines that form the logo are a representation of those alleys. Black and a sunshine yellow have been used as per the color scheme provided in the architectural drawings.