case studies

 The Challenge: Winterval, Ireland's biggest Christmas Festival approached us for a rebrand. They wanted a fresh and playful look and feel that moved away from the stereotypical christmas branding and advertising.


What is the brand purpose?

Ireland's Christmas Capital


The Solution: Our rebrand was inspired by Christmas gifts and wrapping paper. Waterford specific Iconic buildings were used as part of the composition. The illustration style of the brand was intentionally made to look handmade and playful to reflect on the quirkiness and artisanal quality of the festival itself. 


The Challenge: Popular Canadian QSR chain wanted to launch in India.


What is the brand character?

The brand wanted to put itself out as irresistible.


What is the brand purpose?

Lose yourself in the taste of our sandwiches.


The Solution: Our inspiration is “Joey doesn’t share his sandwich”. The campaign revolves around the common theme where Mr. Sub’s Sandwiches are too good to share. The tagline, “Back off, it’s mine!” conveys that once you have a Mr.Sub, the glutton in you will rear its head. Sharing the Sub will be the last thing on your mind.


 The Challenge: The brand wanted to portray it's ethos of flux in the logo as well as the kiosks.


What is the brand character?

Fuel is the momentum that causes change. Fuel is the flux of energy that makes the world go round. 


What is the brand purpose?

Fuel causes a revolution, a revolution that starts with you and ends with we.


The Solution: The logo represents Newton's 3rd law of motion - One needs to consume energy to create momentum in the world. The kiosks at metro stations, malls and office buildings provide quick bites to energise people on the go. Fuel not only provides

a place to refuel but a space to share and network to spark social revolutions. 


The Challenge: Create a mascot that young home-makers identify with.


What is the brand character?

Maya is a character personifying the Maya’s brand, which offers a range of quality affordable products.


What is the brand purpose?

To attract working expatriate couples in the age bracket of 23 - 45.


The Solution: Maya’s character has been designed to be adapted to different cultures

and nationalities. She is sometimes accompanied by her children on Mother’s Day, by her husband on Valentine’s Day. She also features in festival promotions like Christmas, etc. The advertisement style is simple and fun with the concept that "Everything under the sun" is available.



 The Challenge: Al Ain School, a part of Aldar Academies approached us for an awareness campaign to popularize the school and inform people of the curriculum.


What is the brand purpose?

Bringing learning to life.


The Solution: A series of ads were created, each focusing on a certain subject taught in school, for example - History, Geography and others. Outdoor and Indoor installations were also done as part of the 360 degree campaign.

ht mini

The Challenge: Hindustan Times wanted to launch it's tabloid version called 'HT Mini' 


What is the brand character?

Approachable & Enjoyable.


What is the brand purpose?

What, when, how - know it all.


The Solution: Daily travel is a part of the overall day’s objective. The hectic schedules can be tiring, however, Mini helps downsizing their world by providing them with concise information about everything that is happening around them, so people are always up to date and also get rewarded with exclusive benefits from offers and deals to make not just their travel but the entire day’s experience wholesome.