The Challenge: Creating lifestyle magazines for Bajaj Finserv Lending.


The Solution: We designed around curated travel and art inspired pieces, that would appeal to the high income class of India, which is the primary target market for Bajaj Finserv Lending and these magazines.

The Challenge: Creating the event brochure for Harvest, a food festival in Waterford.


The Solution: The event is fun and playful and we made the brochure to reflect the same.

The Challenge: Creating a tourism brochure for Munster Vales in Ireland.


The Solution: Munster Vales is a region in Ireland that is made up of five mountain ranges, four counties and many terrains. It is full of raw, rugged beauty. You can hike to the five highest points of the Munster Vales to experience unrivalled vistas – lush valleys, surging rivers, cascading waterfalls, rugged coastline; a millennia-old landscape, the origin of Ireland’s great legends, folklore and genealogy. The look and feel of the brochure reflects the same ruggedness with uneven image masks, grunge texture and rich green colours.