The Challenge: Creating a website and mobile app for the biggest christmas festival in Ireland, Winterval. The website needs to be informative and interactive.


The Solution: The use of quirky illustrations, playful animation and ample white space gives the website and app a well balanced and easy to use interface. The overall look and feel arouses curiosity and makes the user experience fun and full of surprises. The infographic layout of the travel pages and the event cards makes all the information visitors need easily accessible.

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The Challenge: Create interaction between tourists and Way finding in the Viking Triangle.


The Solution: A digital trail of the Viking Triangle is a self-guided tour, delivered over visitors’ mobile devices. This can come in the form of an app, using augmented reality technology. Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Objects that exist in the real-world are “augmented” on the device. The overlaid information is interwoven with the physical world so that it looks to be part of the real environment.

For example, a visitor points their phone at the Viking longboat at Reginald’s Tower. In augmented reality, they see a group of Viking re-enactors posing in front of the ship.

The Challenge: Creating a lead management system.


The Solution: A management system to plan the creation, maintenance and completion of leads using a simple RAG system.

The Challenge: The scope of this project is to replace the previous website with a modern, responsive design.

The Solution: Down Syndrome Ireland places the person with Down syndrome at the centre of the organisation. Down Syndrome Ireland’s target markets are varied and diverse and are broken down to include: New Parents, People with down Syndrome, Families and Carers, Professionals, Donors and Fundraisers and many more. To be able to cater to such a varied target market, the design needed to be simple yet diverse enough to include all user groups. 

The use of bright colours gives it freshness and vibrancy. The use of a rounded sans serif font makes the content approachable. The user flow is informative yet bite sized to make it easily accessible. The scope of this project was so large that we ensured that everything from wire-framing to design was carefully considered.

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The Challenge: The overall objective is to have a modern, user friendly website that works seamlessly across a range of devices & creates a professional world class image for Munster Vales as an international tourism destination of choice.


The Solution: To highlight the vast amount of activities, heritage sites, walking routes and high quality cafes, restaurant and accommodation providers in the Munster Vales region. • Support the local businesses and communities by developing an informative website which will hold useful information and promote the tourism attractions in the area. • Create a user friendly website which will provide a wealth of information for tourists and inspire and motivate them to plan a holiday to Munster Vales. • To develop a website which is reflective of the high quality brand using superior images and videos to set Munster Vales apart and to increase the duration of time that visitors spend on our site.

The Challenge: Creating a microsite to educate children about the lives of Past & Current Presidents, the role of a President as well as the Residence of the President and Phoenix Park.


The Solution: The website was designed with illustrative animal characters found in Phoenix Park to convey information and facts to children in a playful and fun way. The user flow of the website is simple and almost story book like - Storytelling through user interface!

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The Challenge: The re-design and redevelopment of the Emo365 online customer service portal located at www.emo365.ie


The Solution: We designed for the primary target market, which are existing customers of Emo Oil, those who use the online services currently. We ensured that they get to use a more streamlined, customised process by making the layout more user-friendly and intuitive.